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My journey in real estate began in the mid-’70s when I bought my first home. I was a  young police officer in Southern California. My first son was just born, interest rates were above 8%, and I knew nothing about buying a home. I had no idea what I needed to do, how to proceed, or if I could even qualify for a loan. 

A caring real estate broker, my father, talked to me about the importance of homeownership and guided me through the process. It was stressful, but I trusted him, followed his advise, and bought my first home, a "fixer-upper", made minor improvements, and I sold that home about a year later with a nice profit. I then bought a brand new house with the equity that was gained. 

Since then, each home and investment property I purchased was another step in my education, another step in building equity, and each experience, working with different agents, helped me learn to be the type of REALTOR® I wanted to become while serving my clients.

I became a licensed REALTOR® in 2001 and continue to serve in Northern Nevada. I have lived in this area since 1982 and have had the honor of helping many others with their real estate needs. 

I believe that the sale or purchase of a home happens when we establish a relationship of trust. My mission is to be that friendly, personable, competent, and caring REALTOR® who people trust to help them through the process of buying or selling a home.

I operate a referral-based business, so I believe in providing the same friendly and professional service to you before, during, and after the transaction in a manner that I would expect to receive from other business owners.

If your a BUYER, my services to you are FREE. There are no fees, commissions, or anything else. Just the simple truth about the current market, home values, guidance through the process of buying a home, and education of the process throughout the transaction.

If you're a SELLER, you get a simple truth and my open and honest opinion on how to market your home to get top dollar when you sell your home with me. I help you sell it fast to help you get what you want in the time you need.

Call or text me today (775-790-0574) to set an appointment for a short 3-5 minute consultation so I can better understand your needs and get you the right resources. I'm here to help!